It is a pleasure to provide this reference for Brian and Susan Dalton from Interact Advertising Ltd (IAL). I have had a long association with IAL, who have assisted with a broad range of marketing initiatives across a number of businesses that I have been associated with. In particular their general agency work for Designer Textiles International (DTI) was impressive. DTI was a textile manufacturer based in Auckland but with manufacturing facilities in New Zealand and in Vietnam. 

The writer was CEO of this business from 2006 to 2014. During that time the business grew strongly as it increasingly became a global supplier. With a focus on lowering production costs but taking our marketing message to international customers, IAL were actively involved in developing and executing a number of new marketing initiatives. These included a re-launch of the business branding, development of a very detailed and comprehensive website, development and building of a new trade show stand and associated visual material, development of a company video and a range of supporting sales and technical literature material for our customers. 

IAL’s balance of strategic insight, experience and knowledge of printed material combined with a focus on cost effective methods ensured DTI always achieved strong commercial outcomes from the marketing initiatives that were undertaken.

Please feel free to contact the writer should you want to expand on the above points.


CEO - Designer Textiles International (2006 – 2014)

Mob: 021 274 2717

— Malcolm Walkinshaw