It is a question that is asked often and answers will vary depending on who you ask and their bias.

Two radio companies dominate the radio market in NZ yet despite what they say, you generally need to advertise on a mix of stations owned by both companies.

Most people have a selection of stations they listen to and change stations to suit their mood or change of environment or simply get annoyed with what is on.  Just think about your own listening habits.

The key to any effective radio campaign is to clearly and precisely identify your target.  Use research to find what stations and time zones they are tuning into and take into account the environment and time of day they are more likely to be receptive to your advertisement.

After that you can start to think about the content of the commercial.  A good commercial written by a professional will get better results.

To get the most effective campaign you should use an independent radio planner/buyer to avoid the biased approach of one radio company.  It won’t cost you any extra despite what you may be told.

Good radio campaigns are not about the number of spots and how cheap they are.  Good radio campaigns are about audience, buying efficiencies and in the end, results for your company.

Too often we hear commercials on stations and at times that are a complete waste of money as either the station has the wrong audience for the product or the time it is being played in has the wrong audience.

If you would like to know more about how to create a radio campaign that will sell more, give us a call.  We have years of experience in creating effective radio campaigns that don’t cost a fortune.