There has always been a perception that TV advertising is expensive – but that is not true.

There are many options available and many say that this fragments the audience and this is true, but the fragmentation has simply divided a wide audience into clearly defined demographic and psychographic groups. 

So if you have defined your primary target precisely then with the help of audience research, we can effectively and efficiently target them.

Because there are so many channels and streaming opportunities you will need to get a good overview and not just talk to one company.  People are not particularly loyal to one TV company, but they are loyal to programmes.

Audience research is essential to identify what your target is watching and when.  The only unbiased campaign will come from an independent media planner/buyer, and it won’t cost you anymore than going direct.

Effective, hard selling and appealing commercials aren’t expensive either.  Sure, there are big ego production companies with big costs, but there are also smaller companies and individuals with great skills.  They are affordable and make commercials that work.  Technology is their biggest asset and this brings great efficiencies.

Great budget commercials need a good idea and script, so it is best to invest in this part of the production to get the best result.

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